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May 19, 2013

ELCS grad develops computer game

ELIZABETHTOWN — Since childhood, Colden Prime has been fascinated with the inner workings of computer gaming.

That affinity, coupled with education, creativity and perseverance, has resulted in him developing the computer game “Prime’s Quest.”

Prime graduated, as valedictorian, from Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School in 2006 and then from Hamilton College, where he majored in computer science, in 2010.

“I’ve pretty much been playing these games my entire life,” he said. “My mom got a Mac around the time I was 4, and I kind of picked up my interest from there.

“Some of my early favorites were ‘Lion King,’ ‘Doom’ and ‘StarCraft.’”

He was not just a computer geek, having played a variety of sports, including soccer and rugby.


“The idea for ‘Prime’s Quest’ came to me when I woke up one morning and thought about mixing a block game with an adventure theme,” he explained.

“I then went back and forth with what setting I should use. I thought about a fantasy world but felt it was too popular and wanted something more unique, perhaps post-apocalyptic.”

The basic plot of the game is that a grandfather is kidnapped, and rescuers meet interesting characters and have humorous conversations along the way to finding him.

“Our goal is to take a serious theme but to make it entertaining for those 10 years old through adult. We want parents to approve of the game.”


The process started around Christmas 2011, as Prime initially developed the game for a “hack-athon” called the Boston Festival of Indie Games, which showed off “Prime’s Quest” for the first time in front of a large audience.

The game garnered an award for Technical Experience.

“I did the basic prototype in about a week,” Prime said.

The game’s title took some brainstorming.

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