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May 8, 2013

Manslaughter case goes to jury today


“We walked past him, crossed the street, and Mr. Rivers confronted him by calling him: ‘Rennie,’” Denno said.

“Then he tapped him (Rennie) on the shoulder. (Rennie) was trying to figure out who Mike was. I was on the right-hand side of Mr. Rivers. They started yelling at each other. Mr. Rennie swung. I believe he came into contact with Mr. Rivers.”

Denno said the two men got into a grapple hold.

“Mr. Rennie stumbled but came back with another swing,” he said.

All the while, the two men were exchanging verbal slurs.

Denno said he hit Rennie three times: once in the left jowl, once in the rib area and then once to the shoulder area.

“After that, he fell to the ground. I backed up,” Denno said.


Then Rennie reached for his right pocket, and Denno said he grabbed the man from behind and held him in a choke hold.

“Mike told me to let him go — that it wasn’t my fight and to stay out of it.”

Then, Denno said, he and Mr. Rivers each grabbed one of Rennie’s arms, walked toward Mill Hill and turned down the road there.

“I believe him (Rennie) and Mr. Rivers were going to square off again,” Denno said, recalling that Rennie was walking between them.

Brennan asked if Denno knew at the time where Taylor was.

“Last I knew, he was in the van,” Denno answered.

Rennie and Rivers were kind of sizing each other up, Denno said.

“Mr. Rennie swung, and he swung wildly,” he said.

Then Taylor “was coming out of nowhere. He was running up … from behind Mr. Rennie.”


Denno said Taylor struck Rennie at the base of the neck, where the spine connects to the head, and Rennie fell to the ground.

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