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May 3, 2013

Doctor: Victim died within 15 minutes


The doctor said Rennie — who was 45 when he died — weighed about 118 pounds and was 67 inches tall at the time of the autopsy. He was dressed in a black tank top and blue shorts that had dirt and grass on them, Sikirica said, and wore brown sandals.


Thursday morning, Denno sat next to his lawyer wearing a blue, collared, button-down shirt and khaki-colored dress pants, as he had Wednesday in court.

He looked intently at each photograph of Rennie’s body, which had been taken by State Police technicians during the autopsy and then entered into evidence.

One showed Rennie’s face, mouth agape and eyes open and marked by a few cuts and bruises. 

Numerous pictures depicting many pink and purple bruises and abrasions on many parts of Rennie’s body were shown to Sikirica, who described each of them for the jury.

All of them appeared to be caused by blunt force trauma, the doctor told the jury.


A photo of Rennie’s left chest at the time of the autopsy showed a patterned impression on his skin, the doctor said.

“I thought that could be consistent with a footwear impression,” Sikirica. 

However, he said, “I’m not an expert in (identifying) certain types of patterned injuries.”

Rennie’s injuries could have been caused by a plethora of objects, he said.

Sikirica said he had arrived at that conclusion after he considered the geometric outlines, characteristics of the markings and measurements of the abrasions on Rennie’s skin.


Several of Rennie’s ribs on either side were fractured, as well as a bone beneath his jaw and an area in his neck, Sikirica said.

“The ribs had busted into the chest cavity of the lungs, cutting the tissue,” he said.

Rennie’s liver was seriously damaged also. Blunt force trauma can crush the liver, the doctor said.

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