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May 2, 2013

Police: Denno changed story many times


The investigator said Denno told them he and Mr. Rivers had to help Rennie walk, since he looked to be intoxicated.

The two men supported Rennie, one walking on each side of him until they reached the parking lot, Levison said he was told.

Then, Denno said in this statement, Taylor appeared “out of nowhere” and punched Rennie, who fell to the ground.

Levison said Denno told them he kicked Rennie three times, and that after he stopped, Taylor continued to kick Rennie with more forceful blows.


Denno reportedly told the investigator that Rennie was face down on the ground in a fetal position.

Then, Denno told police, he saw Rennie get up, and he and Mr. Rivers went directly back to their residence.

Mr. Rivers, Denno and Taylor returned to the Riverses’ residence. Taylor took off his boots, saying, “I put these to Robert tonight,” Levison said Denno had told him.

Levison said Denno told him he felt extremely dirty and that “he wanted to take a shower and scratch his eyes out.”


Houle, who works in the State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit out of Ray Brook, also took the stand.

Rennie’s body was still on the ground while Houle used a handheld computer device to map the distances beginning from the footbridge on Mill Hill Road to 1612 Front St., he said.

His supervisors also asked him to document other evidence that he would later include in diagram that he would construct using special computer software.

The evidence was in a parking area 763 feet away from Rennie’s body, Houle said.

“To me, they looked like small red circles.”

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