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May 2, 2013

Police: Denno changed story many times


The investigator told the court that Denno told him that he sometimes “plays dumb.”

“Sometimes, he likes to play that card because basically it’s easier for him to pretend that he’s dumb,” Levison said.

The investigator had also noticed the distinctive Michelin-brand boots Denno was wearing that day.

Denno told him the boots had been issued to him while he was working at a baby-food plant in Vermont.

Levison got a search warrant for the boots and picked them up from the Riverses’ home the next day.


After the initial questioning, Levison stepped out of the office where Denno was being interviewed, and Investigator Glenn Huber told him that Mr. Rivers had given a different story — that Denno had accompanied him on a car ride to bring Taylor home that night after he had come to the house.

When Levison re-entered the room — accompanied by Huber — he decided to advise Denno of his Miranda rights.

“I suspected that he may be lying about his whereabouts the night before,” Levison told the jury.

After that, Denno admitted that Taylor had come to the Riverses’ home that night.

Taylor was drunk, stayed for awhile, and then Denno, Rivers and a friend drove him to his residence in a Keeseville mobile-home park, Levison said Denno told them. 

“After a while, he assured me that was it — that was the only thing he had left out,” Levison said. 


In the next version of events Denno gave, Levison said, the defendant said that after they had dropped Taylor off, he and Mr. Rivers had seen Rennie walking on the side of the road.

Levison said Denno told him that Rennie had tried to set the Riverses’ house on fire and that he was a “woman beater.”

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