April 29, 2013

Lookback: April 29 to May 5


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25 YEARS — 1988

A test of one portion of the proposed emergency telephone system for the Northway apparently shows there will be no interference with radio signals in Canada. That means that the phone system could be in place by November.

Police on the St. Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation are holding a 19-year-old man for murder in the slaying a 23-year-old reservation resident. A police spokesman said that Sheldon G. Jacob of St. Regis had been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Richard J. Lazore, also of St. Regis.

A welcome service for veterans will get under way when the Albany Veterans Administration Medical Center opens its first satellite station at the Elizabethtown Community Hospital. Every Tuesday and Thursday the new clinic will be staffed to provide care for veterans.

ORDA has hired Marie Goff as the first ever director of the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, which they plan to open soon in a space added to the Olympic Center several years ago. Although no firm date has been set for the opening of the ground floor Museum, Goff is already busy assembling information and gathering memorabilia to house in the museum.

50 YEARS — 1963

Dannemora school board president Merle Cooper reacted to recent State Education Department refusal to allow the Dannemora district to remain a separate school district. “We made a good race of it – but lost.” The state has also refused to release funds for the construction of school buildings in the Dannemora district.

The State Police barracks in Cadyville will send six desk men out on patrol this weekend. The move is all part of a “streamlining” program designed to give troopers a 40-hour week without reducing patrol coverage, a state police spokesman said.

The State Conservation Department has plans to buy part or all of Valcour Island for a recreational site. The department already has a purchase agreement for land on the Peru shore, and the aim is to buy all or most of the island’s 1,200 acres for development into a park for boaters.

Schools in Clinton County are being visited by personnel from the state Department of Education, conducting “in-class” evaluations of teaching methods and curriculum. A majority of the schools are now being “hit” for every kind of state education mandate, taking detailed evaluation as part of a tri-county cooperative review being conducted in Clinton, Franklin and Essex counties.

75 YEARS — 1938

Maurice Welch, 26, and Lucas Lashway Jr., 27, both of Lyon Mountain, drowned when their boat overturned in Chazy Lake while they were fishing.

The Works Progress Administration has approved a project at the municipal beach that will employ workers from the WPA rolls until late in the fall. The project, sponsored by the City of Plattsburgh at the request of the Park and Beach Commission, is one of the largest ever planned at the beach, and when completed be a major development.

Alton “Indian Spike” Draper, a rugged 35-year-old Adirondack guide, ended a month’s sojourn in the woods, came back to his cabin and promptly shaved off four weeks growth of beard with the razor edged hunting knife that was his only equipment. Draper announced he was “feeling pretty good” but during his long self-imposed stay missed his wife and children most, his violin next, and salt to put on his food.

A proposed parking meter system for Plattsburgh was the topic of a meeting held in the Chamber of Commerce rooms, attended by business and professional men of the city. A number of merchants who were of the opinion that the meter plan was unwise changed their minds after hearing about the plan and listening to a short talk by Clifford Fleming, acting chief of police.

100 YEARS — 1913

Harry B. Humbert, a porter employed on the sleeping car service of the D&H  running between Montréal and New York, is in jail in this city on suspicion of being implicated in an attempt to smuggle about four pounds of opium from Montréal to New York.

The businessmen who were interested in the Suburban Transportation Company have every reason to feel proud of the initial trip of their handsome and commodious motor bus. During both the forenoon and afternoon trips the car was received enthusiastically by the residents along the routes over which it traveled, and where stops were made hundreds gathered to inspect the bus and all spoke a word of encouragement for the enterprise.

Residents of Plattsburgh were startled by the clearly perceptible shaking of their homes as a large earthquake struck just north of the Canadian border. The rocking continued for several seconds and was so severe that dishes rattled and lamps rocked from side to side.

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Shawn Ryan