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April 28, 2013

Police work can be unpredictable


“It gives us the exact amount.”

Illegal use of alcohol is only a portion of the substance abuse that City Police see.

Cordick said heroin is one of the most popular drugs in the city right now.

“They’re using it for the euphoria.”


Conversation stopped abruptly when Cordick was dispatched to Meron’s on Bailey Avenue.

It felt strange to be driving at 60 mph in the city.

When we arrived at the bar — in about one minute — we learned a fight had broken out.

But by that time, the attacker had fled, and the other man didn’t want to press charges.

Patrons stood on the sidewalk and watched as police questioned witnesses, trying to determine what had happened.

Vassar responded to another complaint that night of a fight, this time at the Store Tavern in the South End.

He wasn’t the first to arrive, and the action was over by the time we got there.

A man called the Police Station at 1:30 a.m., saying four men wearing masks had apprehended his girlfriend, who is deaf and mute.

The report proved unfounded.

Cordick said the man is a frequent caller. But officers must take each call seriously, he said.

“Eventually, all this stuff is real.”


Early on April 13, during our second ride-along, officers pulled over a woman who turned out to be wanted on a parole warrant.

She gave police permission to search her silver, two-door Toyota sedan.

The thorough search turned up only an unopened bottle of vodka and some tobacco, Vassar said.

A sheriff’s deputy came to take the woman from City Police custody.


We pulled into the Durkee Street parking lot to find officers questioning three young people who had been sitting in a parked black Cadillac Escalade.

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