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August 31, 2013

Thousands donated for puppies


Northern Puppies, the report said, also failed to keep proper records with the source, date and disposition of several animals.

In addition, according to the report, some customers were not given one or more of the following documents at the time of sale: a rabies notice, a standard form including the animal’s origin and registration numbers, proof of a dog license, a spay/neuter notice and consumer-rights paperwork.


While five of the puppies that were allegedly abandoned are still unaccounted for and presumed dead, 19 have been adopted.

City Police Patrolman Carmen Rotella is one recipient; he named his beagle/huskie mix puppy Dallas.

Racicot and Rotella wrangled good-naturedly about which one of them would apply to adopt the dog, and Rotella won.

But Racicot’s twin daughters, Toby and Gracie, both 9, fostered the puppy for three days.

“They’re heartbroken, but they will visit him,” the chief said. “I’m real proud of them.”

His daughters had named the pup Mason and weren’t thrilled about Rotella’s choice of a name, but they settled on a compromise.

Officially, it’s Dallas Mason Racicot Rotella, the chief said.

“But, I say Mason Dallas; Carmen says Dallas Mason.”


But it wasn’t a happy ending for everyone who wanted one of the rescued dogs.

After searching for four hours with his own dog, Max, Nicholas Stowe of Dannemora found one of the missing puppies, a Yorkshire terrier, hiding under a bucket off Peasleeville Road in Schuyler Falls.

“This dog kept looking up at me, almost to say, ‘Thank you.’ Every two minutes, he was looking up at me.”

Upon handing over the dog at City Police, Stowe said, he was told he would be first in line to adopt him.

In preparation for their new dog, he and his wife had given it a name and bought a crate, harness, leash, bed and training pads.

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