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May 26, 2014

Late start to Eden

PLATTSBURGH — If a gardening trend is hot in London or New York, Plattsburgh is about five years behind.

Locally, vegetable gardening is still huge for various reasons.

“Just knowing where your food comes from is a big part of it,” said Christian Oest, co-owner with his wife, Elizabeth Ward, of Cook and Gardener in Plattsburgh.

“That might be the start of it, and cost of food, maybe some people have been looking at that. People wanting to know where their food comes from, and then realizing it’s not too difficult and they enjoy doing it.”


Gardeners plant in regular plots but those in condos and townhouses turn to pots and containers.

“So, there are different varieties that people are using for that sort of situation as opposed to the really giant varieties,” Oest said. “So, that’s a big, ongoing trend. We see vegetables, transplants, herbs and things sales going up every year. And that’s been going on for at least a few years, and hopefully that will continue.”

Combination pots is a longer trend that took awhile to take hold in Plattsburgh.

“Not necessarily everything has to be your annual color in the garden, but you know, a couple of pots by the front door, or some people have large collections of pots,” Oest said. “A lot of annuals are bred now for container planting. We sell annuals that are going to go great in the garden, and then we have others that are better for in pots. It just depends on how vigorous things are.”


This year belongs to the petunia.

“We do tons of petunias,” Oest said. “I can’t resist interesting petunias, so we always have a lot. But there are some like wave petunias that are great in the ground. They have been around awhile. There are a lot of different ones under that brand. They are a really great easy-care petunia, in this case, does really well in the ground.”

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