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May 18, 2014

Wicked leaks

It’s always a little anticlimactic after I solve a case such as “The Scrap of Lace.”

Not that I’ve been reclining on my laurels since, but it’s one of my most infamous and juiciest murder mysteries. So, I’m not surprised that playwright Hulbert Footner dramatized it.

I’ve been in this private-eye business long enough to not get my silk unmentionables twisted about little inaccuracies of artistic license by those engaged in the suspension of disbelief.

More so when a sharp director such as Karen Hildebrand takes on another More Radio Theater! project with a motley cast of Jackie Andrews, Naomi Bradshaw, Robin Caudell, Maureen Asher-Dorsey, Lucy Godfrey, Allen Lawrence, Gary Liberty, Anne Sherman, Ken Wibecan, Ann Wilke and Lucy Wood.

Monday’s performance was hosted by the lovely Rebecca Pace, librarian, at the Peru Free Library.

Hildebrand takes the show on the road tomorrow to WIRY Hometown Radio, where her actors will do a live performance in the studio. It will be smashing.


That Caudell gal, who portrays yours truly, has a certain flair, I will give her that. But she doesn’t have my style. No one can do Rosika Storey but Rosika Storey.

I’ve investigated the journalist as a matter of course, and her mystique is as thick as bouillabaisse. She and that Liberty chap go way back to if-I-tell-you-I-have-to-kill-you credo at the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base. 

Liberty’s silver locks were a perfect foil for his role as the irresponsible playboy Jack Rowcliffe. Only Caudell’s hairdresser knows for sure what’s going on beneath her auburn curls that danced beneath a fierce, Juicy Couture black-felt brim.

Hildebrand told Caudell she saw me as exotic. Well, I am not one to hide my light under a bushel.

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