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May 4, 2014

'Never give up looking for something'

Missing engagement diamond just one of life's mysteries for Morrisonville woman

MORRISONVILLE — From a Manhattan shop to a Morrisonville kitchen, the diamond atop Rosemary Maglienti’s engagement ring has had a winding 47-year journey.

But on a quiet afternoon in August 2012, Rosemary thought that journey had come to an end when she glanced at the ring and noticed the gemstone was gone.

The shock of the missing diamond came as she was on the phone receiving more bad news — that family friend Joe Camarda had died.

After hanging up, Rosemary and her husband, Tom, began to search their home for the missing diamond. The couple said it didn’t take long to lose hope, considering all the places on their property that the gem could have been hiding.

Yet remembering the phone conversation she had just been having, Rosemary said she came to peace with losing the diamond.

“I still have my husband; this is just a thing, it doesn’t matter,” she remembers thinking.


It was 1967 when the young couple wandered into New York City’s Diamond District to search for an attractive yet affordable engagement ring.

Tom still remembers the bizarre sight of the inner-city marketplace and its countless vendors.

“It was like going into Wal-Mart and every little cubicle was a separate jeweler,” he said.

A jeweler handed the couple the gemstone and sent them out to two other vendors to have it set in the ring and polished. They were only charged when they returned with the completed ring, a process that Tom still finds strange.

“Someone could just walk out the door (with the gem) and disappear and no one would have been the wiser,” he said.

But the couple paid the $180 price for the ring and held on to the gemstone until that fateful August day.


It would be another 18 months before it would turn up again. On April 6, while trimming dead leaves from a houseplant and tossing them into the garbage disposal, Rosemary noticed a clunking sound coming from the sink.

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