April 24, 2014

Palcohol panned by P-R Facebook readers


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Powdered alcohol?

The product up for approval by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau could be added to water, like Kool-Aid, to make it into such alcoholic drinks as vodka, rum and various cocktails.

Don’t snort it, a label warning notes.

The federal agency gave Palcohol the OK but then pulled approval earlier this week, saying the decision had been a mistake.

Palcohol’s maker says he is resubmitting the product.

Many Press-Republican Facebook readers, asked if they think Palcohol should win approval, say that would be a big mistake, one that could open the door for more alcohol abuse by underage drinkers, more contraband introduced into prisons and, some say, more DWI crashes and deaths.

Here are some of their comments:

Linda Sue B: “Need to stop the heavy drinkers as much now as they do stopping the smokers, ppl drink n drive n kill others, it alters their state of mind as well as their health.”

Loreen Light: “Too easy in powder form to overdose on alcohol. It’s easy enough now but would be worse in powder form.”

Dale Juneau: “Ban it, too easy to spike someone’s drink and even make a mistake and kill someone with this.”

Brenna Miller: “This is an absolutely tragic addition to an already out of control problem. I would wager sooooo many people will give themselves alcohol poisoning shortly after its release. This is irresponsible and stupid! Not to mention, the risk with “alco-rexics” - we will see deaths connected to this.”

Kimberly Ryan: “No it should not ... but they will approve it and then the deaths will begin ... so sad to have to wait for that to happen.”

Rusty Bissell: “Not a good idea. Why allow a product that needs a label warning, that has no medical use?”

Don LaPoint: “Sounds dangerous.”

Shane Murray: “i don’t get the reason for existence... if you want a drink, drink the normal way, why the gimmick?”

Shannon Forkey: “I think it’s funny that when the word POWDER is used, someone automatically thinks of snorting it. Really??”

Carol Russell: “No it shouldnt be. just another thing for juckies to have and alot easier to put in someone else’s drink.”

Amy Fellion: “Honestly, probably not a good idea, just another product that they can sneak into our prisons and jails.”

Catherine Dupee LaFountain: “Totally against it. Just another thing we have to worry about our children getting (their) hands on!”


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