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June 19, 2013

Rock family appreciative, positive



“It’s the little things,” said Tina.

Craig said they can see the mountains and the lake from their fourth-floor room, and he is looking forward to being able to watch a thunderstorm.

“I can’t say enough good about the Peru Fire Department,” he said. “When the Fire Department had their weekly meeting, we took the kids to show their respect for the firemen.”

The kindness the Fire Department showed to the children made the trip even more rewarding.

“We got to go inside the fire trucks,” Lexi said.

“And we saw the ax they used to smash the window,” Tyler said.


Thanks to a brave neighbor, Peru firefighters and Eagle’s Nest Veterinary Hospital, the family cats are all doing fine. A neighbor rescued one, and firefighters saved the other two, resuscitating one of them.

Since then, the cats have been cared for at Eagle’s Nest.

“They’ve been really good to us, too,” Craig said.

The family dog was with the Rocks during the fire and was not injured.

An exotic fish in their living room was believed to be a loss — until they looked more closely.

The fish, named Leroy, is an Oscar — a species of cichlid native to the Amazon River. They are a social fish, Tina said, noting that Leroy would follow her hand if she moved it along the side of the tank.

The tank itself was damaged from the heat of the fire, and Leroy was found floating upside down. The Rocks assumed that he was dead. Then, someone noticed that his gills were moving slightly.

Amazingly, Leroy was alive — and he is now doing fine in his new tank.

Now, the Rocks are focused on finding a new place to live. They are looking for a home they can rent in the City of Plattsburgh, preferably the north Plattsburgh area, that will allow pets. Craig can be contacted at 335-8597.

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