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April 18, 2013

Long-term solution eyed for Dannemora salt problems


And until a permanent solution is finalized, Saltmarsh and others must continue to cope with the daily challenges of having unsafe and non-potable private drinking water that they say have ruined household appliances and caused serious damage to several properties.

Last year, a pipe burst in the Saltmarsh and King’s basement while they were away for just a few hours, resulting in more than 3 feet of standing water, she said.

And because salt eats through the glue that bonds PVC pipe and other more exotic plumbing alternatives, said King, they don’t have alternatives other than replacing the pipes as corrosion takes its toll.

Other appliances connected to the water supply, such as their washing machine, have an extremely high rate of failure, and washed clothes are never truly clean, they said.

“It’s ridiculous we still have to deal with this,” Saltmarsh said. “We’ve got 20-plus homes affected already ... and it’s spreading.”

— Contributing Photographer Gabe Dickens contributed to this report.

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