August 5, 2012

Vandals rip veggies from Community Garden


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Courtney LaDuke’s to-do list included learning how to can and make sauerkraut this weekend.

Her joy of cooking was less when she discovered all but one of her cabbages had been ripped from her garden plot at the Plattsburgh Community Garden.

“We got an email from Doug (Butdorf), the guy who runs the Community Garden,” LaDuke said. “He got emails about vandalism. I came over this morning. As I was riding my bike across the field, I saw a bunch of cabbages. I knew they were mine.”


This is her first year renting a plot in Melissa L. Penfield Park in the City of Plattsburgh.

“There was another woman here looking (at the vandalism),” LaDuke said Friday. “We found a bunch of vegetables torn out of the ground. They (vandals) had no intention of eating them. 

“It was just for fun. I don’t know how that is fun.”

LaDuke asked property owners adjoining the park if they saw anything.

“Their neighbors’ got vandalized,” she said. “A gazing ball was stolen, and they found it on top of a car on North Catherine Street.”


Onions, cucumbers, beets, green peppers and yellow squash were torn from their roots in the garden.

“I wanted to spread the word so people are more vigilant,” she said on Friday. “This is such a waste. This is people’s food source. There are beets all the way down to the street and onions across the field.”

LaDuke had left the garden between 6:30 and 7 p.m. Thursday, and all was well.

“I was thinking about harvesting the cabbage last night,” she said.  

“It’s sad to think that people think it’s fun to ruin (the garden). It’s a beautiful spot.”

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