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July 27, 2013

State to close Chateaugay Correctional

One of 4 facilities to be shut down next July



“We’ll do all that we can to get this decision reversed,” Duprey said.

“I don’t know what led up to this decision; nobody does. Certainly, next week I will be following up with this.”

Franklin County Legislative Chairman D. Billy Jones of Chateaugay said the announcement hit them like a “ton of bricks.”

“We’re taken aback, but we’re going to prove the positive,” he said.

“We can show that, as of early next year, we’ll cut the energy costs at that facility with the new natural gas lines coming in,” he said. “We have plans for a windmill over there, and it’s a useful facility for parolees. 

“We can also prove land value. With anything below Albany, the property value is going to be twice or three times what it is in the North Country. We can prove that this facility is worthwhile to keep open for New York state.”


Franklin County Legislator Paul Maroun said he is sure there will be a budget battle ahead over Chateaugay.

“As a legislator, I’m concerned about any time we talk about losing jobs in Franklin County. That’s 111 jobs that would be lost at a time when the governor is trying to increase economic development here.”

Overall, Maroun said, three pressing questions remain unanswered with the plan to close Chateaugay.

“What about the safety and security of correction officers — where are these transfers going to go, and will it overcrowd another facility? 

“I think there are 75 correction officers at Chateaugay, are we going to lose those in the county? That building is fairly new, and what happens to that? 

“We’ve got Lyon Mountain (correctional) that was just sold way under value; we’ve got Camp Gabriels that hasn’t sold in four years. 

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