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June 10, 2014

Clinton County GOP backs Duprey


“I look forward to another successful primary victory followed by another overwhelming victory with bipartisan support in the general election.”


Bisso disagreed with Duprey’s assessment of her.

“I am sad that already the assemblywoman has chosen to attack and re-characterize my message to suit her purpose,” she said.

Bisso said she knows, as a teacher and small-business owner, that cooperation, collaboration, communication and building relationships are key to success.

“There are many important issues which affect the North Country, and its residents deserve someone in Albany who recognizes that those issues are not being resolved. 

“We are still losing jobs,” she continued. “Our children are moving out of state. Four prisons have closed. Our gun rights are being diminished. Our hard-earned dollars are being funneled to entitlement programs and corporate welfare. Our children’s education is under attack, and our history being rewritten.”

A state budget passed on time, Bisso said, “does not diminish the effects which the stronghold of Albany has on the everyday lives of hardworking North Country residents. So, where has bipartisanship benefited the North Country? 

“I am not Albany,” she asserted. “People are angry and want someone to stand up and fight the status quo and deliver their message to Albany.

“I intend on carrying that message and fighting hard for our way of life and the concerns of the residents of the 115th Assembly District.”


Clinton County Republican Party Chairman Randall Beach said he has no problem with a party primary.

“We don’t try to stifle anyone,” he said. “Primaries give the people a choice of who they want. That’s the system we have.”

Clinton County Democratic Party Chairman Martin Mannix said Democrats do not have a candidate lined up for the Assembly race yet.

“Once news of that (potential Republican primary) hits the street, that might motivate someone to come forward and consider it,” he said.

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