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April 1, 2013

Simpler time remembered

PLATTSBURGH — Times have sure changed.

Families don’t sit down together to eat meals anymore or to just talk about what’s going on, observed Mary Lue Gould, who lives at Lake Forest Senior Living Community.

When she was a youngster, she enjoyed living within walking distance of relatives and frequent family gatherings.

Betty Gregory, who also lives at Lake Forest, said her family had multiple generations living together, and the younger learned from the older, she said.

They grew up learning how to keep house and take care of family.

“And the older generation was taken care of by the whole family. There were no Lake Forests then.”

Joan Clarke said she and her husband lived in a big house. Her husband said it was right to bring her mother to live with them when her father passed away. 

“Mother was able to have her own space in our home, so it worked out great,” she said. “You don’t see that a lot today.”

Joan was at the ground-breaking ceremony for Lake Forest, and after it was built, she and her mother both ended up living there at the same time. 

Living at Lake Forest gives them a feeling of peace and security, the women said, but they have found it’s not all peaches and cream. 

They miss not being able to have a lot of family visit at the same time and stay for a few days. 

They said it seemed like their families visited more often, too, than now but understand life is different today than decades ago.

Nancy Collin feels that everything is too structured for the children today, that schedules are too full with sports and other activities.

“Kids don’t have a chance to use their imagination anymore, to come up with something original. 

“It’s all too structured.”

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