November 6, 2013

Five sitting supers lose seats in Essex County


---- — ELIZABETHTOWN — The coming year will see five new supervisors seated on the Essex County Board of Supervisors.

Incumbents were defeated in Willsboro, Ticonderoga, Elizabethtown, Minerva and Essex in Tuesday’s general election in Essex County.

Only incumbent Supervisor Daniel Connell in Westport retained his post.


The top race was for Ticonderoga town supervisor, where incumbent Debra Malaney lost to challenger William Grinnell in the county’s second most populous town.

Both Malaney and independent Steven Whitford offered congratulations to Grinnell.

“I look forward to a relaxing vacation and new adventures,” Malaney said.

Whitford had promised to raise taxes to pay for infrastructure, which may have hurt his chances in the three-way race.

“It is what it is,” he said of the election. “People see what they see and vote on it.”

Grinnell said he will spend the next two months preparing to take office Jan. 1, 2014.

“I’m humbled; it’s a lot of responsibility,” he said. “I’m very pleased.”

Grinnell said he will start attending County Board of Supervisors sessions.

“I want to go to some county meetings and touch base with our county, state and federal officials to let them know I’m here. I plan on reading a lot.”


In Elizabethtown, incumbent Democratic Supervisor Margaret Bartley saw Republican Noel Merrihew III take back the seat he lost to her two years ago.

“I’m really glad the people of this town had a choice,” Bartley said. “For too long, they had monolithic leader positions. I’m not bitter — I’ve had a lot of fun and done a lot of good.”

She said she still plans to be active in community affairs.

“I won’t disappear; this is my home. I love this community.”

Merrihew said he’s looking forward to getting back into office.

“I am very appreciative of all the voters and their support,” he said. “It shows the motivation of the community as a whole that came out. It was a very good turnout.”


Democratic Minerva Supervisor Sue Montgomery Corey was narrowly defeated by independent challenger Stephen McNally.

Only nine votes separate them, so the absentee-ballot count may determine the official winner.

“It is great to see so many of our neighbors out for the vote, even though the results were not what I hoped for,” Corey said. “The theme of my campaign was that results matter. In spite of the outcome of this election, they still do.

"My best wishes to all who ran for office in Minerva and elsewhere. We look forward to the absentee-ballot count.”

McNally said that since the election was too close to call, he’d hold off on making a comment.


In Essex, incumbent independent Sharon Boisen lost to newcomer Edward Gardner.

"It was a good race,” Gardner said. “I'm glad a lot of voters came out and took interest in this race.”

Boisen couldn’t be reached for comment after the election.

In Willsboro, incumbent Democrat Supervisor Ed Hatch was defeated by Republican challenger Shaun Gillilland, a member of the Town Council.

“It’s been fun,” Hatch said. “But what can you do?”

Hatch is finishing his second term as supervisor, a return to the post after serving in the 1970s.

Gillilland couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday night.


Democratic Westport Supervisor Daniel Connell was returned to office handily, defeating Republican James Carroll.

“I’m happy to be back,” Connell said. “I’ll serve this term, and this will be my final term. I thank the people of Westport for their confidence.”

Carroll said he enjoyed the race.

“The public needs a choice, and he and I both ran clean races. It’s about the town. It wasn’t about negativism. He (Connell) has my support in the future.”

In Moriah, independent Town Council candidate Corey Steigleman stood along Main Street in Port Henry on Tuesday holding up his signs and waving to passing motorists.

Although the practice is common in Vermont, it isn’t seen much in northern new York.

“I’ve had a lot of interest,” Steigleman said as a passing driver blew the horn. “People seem interested; they’re talking with me.”

He lost the election, however.

All 18 towns in Essex County had local offices on the ballot Tuesday.

Here are the unofficial results:


County district attorney: Kristy Sprague (R-C), incumbent, 6,788.

County coroner (unexpired term): Francis Whitelaw (R), incumbent, 5,394.


Town Council (two seats): Clayton Barber (R-I), 372; and Richard Klages (D-I), 479; beat Brian LaFountain (D-I), 266.


Supervisor: Charles Harrington (R), incumbent, 264.

Town Council (two seats): Walter Worth (R), 235; Sherlene Simpson Barrows (R), 235.

Highway superintendent: Eugene Ingleston Jr. (R), incumbent, 269.


Supervisor: Margaret Bartley (D-I), incumbent, 195; lost to Noel Merrihew III (R-I), 248.

Town clerk/tax collector: Debra Brooks (R), incumbent, 309.

Town justice ( two seats): William Garrison (R-I), incumbent, 328; Michael Doyle (R-I), 277.

Town Council (two seats): Evelyn Hatch (D-I), incumbent, 217; William Wright Jr. (R-I), 259; Richard Olcott (R), 254.

Highway superintendent: Michael Drew (R), incumbent, 316.


Supervisor: Sharon Boisen (I), incumbent, 114; lost to challenger Edward Gardner (I), 145.

Town Council (two seats): Bryan Garvey (R), 165; Clair LaPine (R-I), 195.

Highway superintendent: Bradley French (R-I), 221.

Town clerk/tax collector: William Morgan (I), 163.

Assessor: Dianne Lansing (R), 169.


Supervisor: Randy Douglas (D-I), incumbent, 663.

Town clerk: Beatrice Pelkey (R), incumbent, 601.

Town Council (two seats): Archie Depo (D-I), incumbent, 593; Amy Shalton (R-I), incumbent, 526; Frederick Balzac (Green-I), 277.

Town justice: (These names were on the ballot, but a recent public vote removed the justice position, so the elected person will not serve.) Rosemond Lincoln-Day (I), 137; Rodney Dockum (I), 197; and William Minoguie (I), incumbent, 146.

Highway superintendent: Christopher Garrow (D-I), incumbent, 473; William Lincoln Sr. (R-I), 319.

Tax collector: Valerie Coolidge (R-I), 380; Tina Fenton (I), 367.

Jay had 41 absentee ballots as of Tuesday morning.


Supervisor: William Ferebee (R-I), incumbent, 111.

Town clerk: Ellen Estes (R-I), incumbent, 125.

Town justice (four years): Constance Hickey (R-I), incumbent, 118.

Town Council (two seats): Robert Biesemeyer (D-I), incumbent, 110; Paul Martin (R-I), incumbent, 105.

Highway superintendent: Gary Manley (R-I), 119; Ryan Hall (R-I), 23.

Tax collector: Donna Reed Austin (R-I), incumbent, 122.


Supervisor: David Blades (R-I), incumbent, 253.

Town clerk: James Pierce (R), incumbent, 275.

Town justice: Timothy Pierce (R), incumbent, 272.

Town Council (two seats): Robert Sweatt (R), 240; James Monty (R), 247.

Highway superintendent: Eldred Hutchins (R), incumbent, 266.

Tax collector: Kathleen Robertson (R), 167; Amy Chapuk (I), 115.


Supervisor: Sue Montgomery Corey (D-I), incumbent, 184, defeated by Stephen McNally (I), 192.

Town clerk: Diana Mason (D), incumbent, 246.

Town Council (two seats): Douglas McCall (R-I), 206, and Keith Edward Dubay (R), 222, defeated Peter McNally (D-I), 61; and Robert Lee (I), 151.

Highway superintendent: Bruce McGinn (R-I), incumbent, 267.

Assessor: Darlene Duffy (D), 273.

Tax collector: Effie Jane McNally (R), incumbent, 283.

A proposition to allow games of chance in the town passed, 273 to 63.


Supervisor: Thomas Scozzafava (R-I), incumbent, 207.

Town Council (two seats): Timothy Garrison (R-I), incumbent, 180; Lucille Carpenter (R-I), 164; Corey Steigleman (I), 37.

Assessor: Paul Mazzotte (R), incumbent, 157.


Supervisor: George Canon (R-I), incumbent, 225.

Town clerk: Mary Pound (R-I), incumbent, 218.

Town Council (two seats): Paul Hai (D), 180; and Donald Bott (R-I), incumbent, 163; won over Mary Anne Dillon Bush (D-I), incumbent, 143.

Assessor: John Thornton (D), incumbent, 170.

Highway superintendent: Mark Yandon (I), incumbent, 162; defeated John Helms (D-I), 120.

Tax collector: Karen Darrah (R-I), incumbent, 197.


Supervisor: Robert Politi (R-I), incumbent, 674.

Town Council: Jack Favro (R), incumbent, 466; Derek Doty (D), 565.

Town justice: Dean Dietrich (D-I), incumbent, 622.

Assessor: Kimball Daby (R), incumbent, died before election, too late for his name to be removed from the ballot, 385.


Town Council (two seats): Robert Dobie (D-I), 69; and Marshall Gero (R-I), incumbent, 80; won over John King Sr. (R-I), 62.

Assessor: Bruce Caza (R), 55.

Town justice: Deborah Marie Duntley (R), incumbent, 76.


Supervisor: Michael Marnell (R), incumbent, 470.

Town justice: William Tribou III (R), 479; Tracy Hanchett (R), 114.

Town Council (two seats): Roger Friedman (R-I), incumbent, 437; Margaret “Meg” Wood (R-I), incumbent, 468.

Assessor: Thomas Erikson (R), incumbent, 461.


Supervisor: Charles Whitson Jr. (R-I), incumbent, 207.

Town clerk: Davina Thurston (D), incumbent, 171.

Town justice: Sheridan Swinyer (R), incumbent, 187.

Town Council (two seats): Dan Bates (R);, 157 Jennifer Fuller (R), 178.

Highway superintendent: Roger Oliver (R), incumbent, 185.

Tax collector: Nancy Heath (D), incumbent, 207.


Supervisor: R. William Grinnell (R-I), 608; defeated Debra Malaney (I), incumbent, 471; and Steven Whitford (I), 119.

Town Council (two seats): Fred Hunsdon Sr. (D-I), 597; and Chattie Van Wert (I), 558; took seats over Dorcey Crammond (R), 537; and James Kolysko (R), 435.


Supervisor: Daniel Connell (D-I), incumbent, 325; bested James Carroll (R-I), 140.

Town justice: Michael “Ike” Tyler (R), 346.

Town Council (two seats): Steven Viens (D-I), 288; and Timothy Sherman (R-I), incumbent, 252; defeated Russell Paquette (D-I), incumbent, 249; and Gerald Goulet (I), 36.

Absentee ballots may decide the race between Paquette and Sherman.


Supervisor: Edward Hatch (D-I), incumbent, 287; lost to Shaun Gillilland (R-I), 507.

Town clerk: Bridget Brown (R-I), 674; beat Richard Sayward (I), 95.

Town justice: Reginald Bedell (D-I), 237; Paula Lincoln (I), 29; Clarence Russell (I), 42; all lost to Gregg Dickerson (R), 467.

Town Council (two seats): Charles Lustig Jr. (R-I), incumbent, 424; and Lorilee Sheehan (R-I), 437; won over John Thompson (D-I), 133; Nancy Huestis (I), incumbent, 133; and Lane Sayward (R-I), 314.

Highway superintendent: Travis Crowningshield (I), 372; defeated Scott Moran (R-I), 268; Dean King (I), 35; Jason Morgan (I), 59; and Daniel Koenig Jr. (I), 64.


Supervisor: Randy Preston (I), incumbent, 146.

Town justice: Timothy Kertz (I), incumbent, 133.

Town clerk/tax collector: Linda Lawrence (I), 63; lost to Gerald Bruce (R-I), incumbent, 186.

Town Council: Dawn Stevens (R-I), incumbent, 196; Rarilee Conway (I), incumbent, 141.

Assessor: David Wainwright (R), incumbent, 169.

Highway superintendent: William Sufka Jr. (I), incumbent, 199.

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