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October 20, 2013

Keeseville residents torn over dissolution


“The people are going to have to vote either with their heart or their wallet. If you vote with your wallet, you’ll vote to dissolve,” he said.

Former Keeseville Mayor Meegan Rock agrees with dissolving “a layer of government.”

“I believe that once this process of dissolution is complete, taxpayers will not even see a change in services and will not have that third tax bill,” Rock said in a recent Press-Republican Letter to the Editor. “Vote ‘yes’ on the plan, and you the taxpayer will prosper at the end of the day.”


Mark Jarnot was in Keeseville Free Library on Saturday researching a book that he is working on.

“Some of my friends are for the dissolution of the village, and some are against it,” he said. “I say, let the chips fall where they may — and I stand by my friends.”

Maria Dezotell, who runs the Keeseville Laundromat, has a house in the village and also works as a teacher in Vermont, has given the issue of dissolution considerable thought.

“I think people should be very aware at this time of what they are giving up.”

Dezotell believes that the dissolution study that is up for vote is not reliable and does not accurately calculate the costs involved.

“Looking at history, we know from other villages that have dissolved, that people want it back afterwards. 

“But once you give it to someone else, you can’t take it back.”


Dezotell said that she owns a house in Vermont similar to the one she owns in Keeseville, but her taxes across the lake are three times as high. 

And her work at the laundromat has convinced her that water prices are more reasonable in Keeseville than they would be in nearby communities, such as Plattsburgh.

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