October 14, 2013

Lookback: Oct. 14 to 20


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25 YEARS — 1988

▶ Clinton County legislators voted to hire a public health nurse to provide full-time health care services for refugees, creating a permanent position paid by the state that will be abolished once the refugee backlog has ceased. New Canadian immigration laws should reduce the number of aliens stranded in Plattsburgh.

▶ CVPH Medical Center was approved for a new 41,000 square-foot, three-story medical office building. The decision was delayed because of concerns about firetruck access and traffic on Cornelia Street. 

▶ After 10 years of discussions, Beekmantown residents are about nine months away from access to cable television through North Country Cable TV, which promises 37 basic channels for $14.95. The proposal covers about 60 percent of the town, and homeowners in less dense areas may have to pay extra.

50 YEARS — 1963

▶ The science department at Westport High School is expanding in response to student interest and demand, and a college-level chemistry class is in the works. New teacher Joseph BelleIsle hopes to get new lab equipment, including an electric centrifuge, and increase class time to account for labs. 

▶ Alderman John Quinn challenged Mayor John Tyrell to come up with city records and said that he has never seen a stenographer taking notes. Quinn, referring to discussions of the lower Broad Street Bridge where construction is nearly finished, objected to the location of the bridge. 

▶ Mooers Central School and Chateaugay Central School participated in a six-year study of school dropouts, with the goal of decreasing the dropout rate. The study found that characteristics of dropouts included poor reading ability, frequent absences and illness, and poor educational background of parents. Kenneth Rowe, a guidance counselor at Chateaugay Central School, said counseling is the best way to keep students in school. 

75 YEARS — 1938

▶ A group of 36 men met in the library of the Plattsburgh YMCA to launch a membership campaign that is to be a race amongst the men conducting the drive. They hope to sign up some of the seven thousand boys and men in Plattsburgh that may already receive the benefits of physical, recreational, social and other activities of the YMCA.

▶ Several hundred teachers from the Northeastern New York Teachers Association, including principals and faculty from all public schools of Clinton and Essex counties, met at Plattsburgh State Normal School for the 93rd-annual zone convention to discuss the education of youth in the state and the rapid strides forward in education.

100 YEARS — 1913

▶ Three boys from Whitehall, all 12-years-old, were taken off a freight train near Plattsburgh by Lieutenant John O’Brien. The boys told the officer they wanted to see the sights of Montreal, but didn’t have enough money for the passenger train. O’Brien took the boys to his home, where they received a good washing up. After their appetites were appeased, he took them to the moving pictures by way of consolation and sent them home on a passenger train.

▶ More than 50 cannon balls of varying weights were taken from the bottom of Lake Champlain by workers on the harbor dredges on the Plattsburgh dock. The cannon balls, weighing up to 16 pounds, are relics from the Battle of Plattsburgh. As there is a movement to preserve the Delord property on Cumberland Avenue as a historical museum, these relics would be valuable.

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Amy Heggen