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October 12, 2013

Readers angry about government shutdown

PLATTSBURGH — Press-Republican Facebook readers have strong sentiments to direct toward Congress right now.

We asked readers to express their feelings about the current government shutdown. Here’s a sampling of the responses:

Jason Goodspeed: “We knew it was eventually coming to this! It’s only going to get worse. Things need to change and (it) starts with the man in charge!

Daniel L Wilson: “Love my country. Hate my government.”

Woody Woodard: “Impeachment proceedings should have began months ago ....”

Kimberley Baker: “What the Republicans, pushed by their extremist Tea Party wing, are doing is shameful.”

Jessie French: “My mortgage process is now on hold!!! They need to get their act together.”

Craig Hart: “It is called checks and balances people. Thank God for it!”

James Alexander: “My mortgage is on hold; was supposed to close the 3rd.”

Roxanne Barber: “Angry, what are people suppose to do that work and have kids and just need a little assistance. I am a mother of 4, I am on WIC, as formula is outrageously priced; how can anyone afford it when our minimum wage is only $7.15. I am just praying this doesn’t last long because we are just making it by now with paying our bills. If I lose my WIC, I will seriously become in debt.”

Tania Soloski: “I was just speaking with someone that needs heating assistance this winter and is having a hard time getting it set up because of this. I thought this was ‘a government for the people...’”

Andrea LaMora DuBray: “Vote no incumbent in every congressional election.”

Rachel Armstrong: “It’s scary being a government employee. I have never been ashamed of being a government employee, but I am. I am a single mom, and this shutdown is really stressing me out.”

Craig Lane: “I’m more concerned with the government’s inability to produce balanced budgets and pay down the debt they’ve already accumulated.”

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