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February 27, 2013

Plattsburgh City Police is city's costliest department.


The officers do not get paid for coming in early, Racicot notes, whereas members of the City Fire Department get one full day of pay per year for coming in early to get ready for the next shift.

Racicot said the incoming Fire Department shift is supposed to check in with the outgoing firefighters to get updated on the events of the past 24 hours and get their gear and sleep areas ready.

He suggests that just the shift officer should come in early so he can brief the rest of the platoon when they come in, instead of having all nine members come in early for extra time off.

“Our guys don’t do that,” Racicot said. “Like I said, we are an awake and operating department 24 hours a day, seven days per week.”

In addition to running the Police Department, Racicot also oversaw the Fire Department, by appointment from the mayor, from May 2011 to May 2012 as the city searched for a new fire chief.


The Police Department produces some revenue, which goes into the city’s general fund.

In 2007, police brought in $264,629 from fines and tickets. In 2008, its revenue was $259,356; in 2009, $270,993; in 2010, $245,592; in 2011, $307,677; and last year, $251,808.

Racicot said the department used to earn more, but the two parking-enforcement-officer jobs were slashed down to just a half-time position, which reduced revenue.


The City Police budget gets some help in the form of asset-seizure funding. That money is generated from arrests, usually involving drugs and drug money, by all area law-enforcement agencies.

In other words, if someone carrying $500,000 is arrested at the U.S./Canadian border, the City Police Department, State Police and Clinton County Sheriff’s Department are among the agencies that will share a portion of the confiscated funds.

In 2008, the department received $114,569, and that figure has risen steadily to $626,791 in 2010 and $943,368 last year.

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