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January 28, 2013

Town Zoning Code updated



The new designation does allow the land to be used as part of the Saranac River Trail Greenway.

The town has established several well-head protection overlay districts. Those extend 1,000 feet from any of the town’s public-water sources and regulate the types of land uses that can occur.

“Because the town provide water from its own sources, it needs to protect those sources,” Von Bargen said.

The well heads are in Morrisonville, Cadyville and near the Salmon River.


The codes for Planned Development Districts have been totally revamped. Von Bargen said those district were created in an attempt to encourage developers to create a unique project that differs from what zoning codes allow.

That section of the code was revamped when the code was updated in 2000. Von Bargen said they had not approved any applications under those provisions since that time but did have a number of projects that would have called for spot zoning to allow developers to do what they wanted.

The districts are now allowable on parcels of five acres or more in commercial districts or two acres in neighborhood commercial districts.

The unique zoning criteria for a project would require Town Council approval after the Planning Board provides a report to the councilors.

A number of communities, such as Glens Falls, use the districts extensively for projects designed to fill a property. A local example would be the former Ames property on Route 3, Von Bargen said.


In developing parts of the new code, Von Bargen said, the committee looked at the number and types of variances that had been granted by the Town Zoning Board of Appeals.

“What we are seeing with the new ordinance is a likely reduction in the need for variances,” he said.

One example was to increase the allowable height of a building to 60 feet from 40 feet. Another was to increase the allowable size of accessory structures, such as garages, from 50 percent of the primary structure to 100 percent.

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