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January 15, 2013

Abused dog get new lease on life


When the media reported that the effort had brought in $1,200, the veterinary clinic received calls from people claiming to be JoJo’s owner, requesting both the dog and the $1,200, said Mayette, who spearheaded the fund drive.

The dog remained with her benefactors, and the fund topped off at more than its goal of $4,500.


JoJo had surgery in November 2012 at the Vermont Veterinary Surgical Center. 

Dr. Paul Howard was able to carve into the bone to make room for the damaged nerves and avoid major bone reconstruction.

“Dr. Howard said it would be a while before she started walking,” Mayette said. 

But the dog was back on her feet only a month after the surgery.

“... she’s the most stubborn thing in the world. She’s now walking, running. She’s crazy now.”

Because of her relatively young age, JoJo should not suffer any long-term medical problems from her injuries, Mayette said.


Mayette didn’t want to reveal the name of the family who adopted JoJo due to concerns about previous owners possibly trying to get her back, she said.

Those who rescued her don’t want a repeat of the dog’s past abuse. 

But JoJo is making the best of her second chance, the vet assistant said. She now lives at a home with an apple orchard, where she can run and play with her new sister, Lieca, or just lounge on the family couch.

Her new owners had tried to bring in a second dog in the past, but Lieca would never allow it. But the still-skinny whippet become her fast friend and immediately part of the family.

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