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October 4, 2013

Horse, travel trailers issues in Champlain


Richard Riggs also has horses on his property. He said as long as someone has an attending veterinarian who examines the animals a couple of times a year and deems them healthy, why would you need to have as much land as in the proposed amendment.

Larry Sorrell said he also has a horse farm. He asked if existing farms could be grandfathered in.

Town Attorney William Favreau said if a property is in compliance with the present zoning at the time the codes is changed, it would usually be grandfathered in.


For travel trailers, the present zoning ordinance states no travel trailer located outside a travel-trailer park can be connected to water, sewer or electrical utilities except for a temporary 15-day period. 

In addition, a travel trailer cannot be inhabited or used for sleeping or eating quarters for more than 15 days per year.

The third provision states travel trailers cannot be stored on a property, except that of the owner, and with an existing residential structure on that property.

The draft zoning law says a travel trailer can be inhabited only if a permit is received from the town. It would be valid for a maximum of 120 days, and only one permit per parcel could be granted per year.

No fee for the permit was established with the draft version of the law.

After 120 days, according to the proposed ordinance, the trailer must be removed from the property for a minimum of 245 days before another permit can be obtained.

The trailer must be connected to adequate water, sewer and electrical service while occupied. The Clinton County Health Department is responsible for certification of wastewater systems, but doesn’t regulate individual water supplies.


Jerry Lapan said he lives in Rouses Point but has limited space at his home to store boats, cars and trailers. He uses a property in the Town of Champlain for that purpose and questioned why he would no longer be allowed to store his travel trailer there even if he has no plans to occupy it there.

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