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June 5, 2009

Something fishy seen in lake video, but is it Champ?&nbsp;<img src="" width="19" height="12" border="0" alt="Includes video">


YouTube video: "Strange sighting on Lake Champlain"

PORT HENRY — A Vermont man shot a cell-phone video that some people are calling a new sighting of the legendary Lake Champlain creature, Champ.

Eric Olsen, 37, a Web site developer and musician in Burlington, posted the two-minute video on YouTube.

He said he shot it Sunday at about 5:30 a.m. from Oakledge Park near the Burlington waterfront.

The blurry clip shows a swimming animal raise its head above water several times, then drop from sight.

Although many people are saying the creature could be Champ, Olsen isn't one of them.

"I put this up because it was strange, not because I think it is Champ," he wrote in his comments on YouTube. "I shot this video, with cellphone, of something in the lake at Oakledge Park on Sunday."

Olsen doesn't have a listed phone number.

He asked YouTube users if anyone else was in the park and saw the creature.

"Was anyone else out and about around Oakledge on Sunday just after sunrise who saw this as well?"

But after 73 postings, mostly from people who think he saw Champ, Olsen disabled YouTube's commenting capability for his video.

A comment poster using the name "talkinglake" was enthusiastic about the video.

"Looks Champ-like to me! And some who have seen such sights in the past were alarmed that our creature had died, but maybe life lives on! Yay. Cool vid."

Some users commented that Olsen had only joined YouTube on May 16 and had posted just three other videos.

But by early Wednesday, there had been more than 36,000 viewings of the video, which Olsen named "Strange sighting on Lake Champlain."

One of those was Joe Nickell, a cryptozoologist in Amherst, who told the Associated Press he believes that the creature was a young moose swimming in the lake.

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