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May 16, 2007

All school budgets approved

North Country voters pass all spending plans



2007-08 budget: approved 261 to 39.

Elected to the School Board were: Scott Henderson, 221 votes; John McCormick, 218 votes; and Susie Jones-King, 189 votes, were elected. Bill Harrigan received 130 votes.

Proposition: Purchase two buses at a cost not to exceed $171,390, approved 232 to 45.


2007-08 budget: approved 193 to 110.

School Board candidates: (two seats) Rosemary Souza-Botten, 200 votes; and Mary LaPierre, 224 votes.

Propositions: To raise by tax $18,600 for Chazy Public Library, with a tax rate of about 9 cents per $1,000 assessed value, approved 179 to 92.


2007-08 budget amount: approved 120 to 28.

School Board candidates (three seats): Kenneth LaDeau, 85 votes; Michael "Mitch" St. Pierre, 107 votes; and Julianne "Julie" Budwick, 88 votes.


2007-08 budget amount: approved 120 to 48.

School Board candidate: William Haseltine, 115 votes.


2007-08 budget amount: approved 108 to 23.

School Board candidates: (two open seats) Ann Whitney, 124 votes; and Jim Marlatt, 118 votes.


(Vote totals weren't available at presstime.)

2007-08 budget amount: approved.

School Board candidates (two seats): Janet Smith and Bernie Roy were elected.

Proposition: Lease two 66-passenger school buses at $29,935 each and one 54-passenger school bus with a wheelchair lift for $16,300, approved.


2007-08 budget: approved 309 to 87.

School Board candidates (two seats): Wayne Rogers, 364 votes; and Carol Hunter, 324 votes.

Propositions: Purchase four buses at a cost not to exceed $392,000, approved 282 to 74.


2007-08 budget amount: approved 109 to 31.

School Board candidate: Lester Sternin, 106 votes.


2007-08 budget amount: approved 364 to 215.

School Board candidates (three seats): Elected to the School Board were: Charles "Chuck" French, 457 votes; William Mitchell, 379 votes; and Rose Rice, 420 votes. Joanne Baker Mazzotte had 236 votes.

Proposition: Purchase one new school bus for $86,000, approved 373 to 195.

Proposition 2: Two vans for a total of $30,000, approved 360 to 203.


2007-08 budget amount: approved 70 to 12.

School Board candidate: (one seat) Colleen Sage, 75 votes.


2007-08 budget: approved 231 to 54.

School Board candidates (one seat): Edward Scott was elected with 167 votes, defeating Michael Carter, 139.

Proposition: To purchase bus, cost about 2 cents per $1,000 assessed value for five years; buy three 66-passenger buses at no more than $245,407 with about 88-percent state reimbursement, approved 205 to 36.

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