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February 8, 2013

Facebook readers weigh in on Postal Service change


Tim McCormick: “Good idea. Hopefully congress will not block it as they have done in the past.”

Bill Bessette: “The future (other than packages) is online. I never mail checks anymore (online bill-pay), and personal letters ended in the 90’s. Most of my bills come in the form of an email (save a tree.)”

Benjamin F. Irwin: “Sacrifices must be made. If more people used the mail or the pay of gov employees were not so high, this would not be happening.”

Todd Munsell: “Doesn’t bother me. All I ever get in the mail is junk anyway. I pay bills online.”

Mike Smart: “With email and online bill paying greatly reducing use of the Postal Service, it’s a great idea. I think they should go farther in cost saving measures by cutting retail window hours to 5 hours a day 5 days a week. Government spends too much unnecessarily.”

Lionel DuBrey: “what’s with people thinking it’s a good idea to minimize peoples earnings ... it would make more sense to increase the cost of stamps to 55 cents. then it affects everyone equally not just the folks who do the work let’s impact your pockets instead. less costly per person and increased revenue by almost 20% for expenses perfect solution. 

Mark Dashnaw: “The reasoning for the government to run the postal system is antiquated, there is no reason for the postal system to be owned anymore by the public, they should sell the business to fed ex or ups and be done with it for good.”

Crystal N Bill Potts: “Any cut that doesn’t involve workers losing jobs is a good idea.”

Chris Hobson Whalen: “That’s fine. We all have to give a little to make things right.”

Bob Peryea: “It’s not a bad idea, but it won’t save the postal service. The U.S. Congress is bound and determind to run the USPS into the ground then steal their retirement and Privitize it. Turn it over to Fed ex or UPS. Then we will pay $1.50 to mail a letter. Is that what we want? Most people dont realize that the US Congress is making the employees of the postal service pay millions of dollars extra a year into their retirement system so it would be pre-paid for like 20 years in advance. No other company or state agency is forced to do that. I would be glad to pay an extra 10 or 15 cents for stamps to save our postal system.

Michael Defayette: “I think Saturday delivery should be canceled altogether.”

— Compiled by News Editor Suzanne Moore



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