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January 7, 2013

Some locals support extending school time


Lori Sayah Kashorek: “Parents need to start reading to their children — from birth and for more than a few minutes a day. This would solve most of our education woes without an expensive and oppressive overhaul to the system. The years before a child enters school are the most important! (I am a parent and a teacher!)”

Michele Jock-Orlando: “Better to keep the same time but forget about the four years for high school. Go at the pace you can; stay longer if necessary.”

Tamara Burke: “Wow, longer days, these kids do all they can do just to be in school for six hours a day. Personally, longer days will result in more children quitting school.”

David Adams: “How about year-round school? The only reason we got into the habit of summers off was the family-farm culture many years ago. If the kids are working on the farms during their summers, then give them work credits and options for evening classes.”

Arin Burdo: “I would oppose longer days and a longer year for both my children and their teachers. I would support the State Dept. of Education decreasing mandates and testing so that teachers can use the time that my kids are already there to actually teach them.”

Adam James Deuyour: “Yeah, sure, sounds like a good idea ... let’s stress both the students and teachers out even more than they already are with longer days and more mandates.”

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