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October 6, 2012

Altona woman sentenced for Garvey Hyundi larcenies


But Perry denied showing no guilt for her actions during a brief statement to the court.

“The day I was arrested, I said to Sean I was sorry,” she said. “I will say it now that I am sorry to Sean Garvey and to the Garvey employees, the family and the community for what I’ve done.”

She said she will work on making herself a better person behind bars.

“I know it doesn’t mean much, but I can’t do anything else. I just want to thank my family for standing beside me. 

“There’s no more I can say,” she added.


Blatchley said Perry went to great lengths to hide her crime, not only from the dealership and its employees but also her family.

He said she admitted in court documents that she stole the cars and cash, in what Garvey called a “serial crime spree,” because it made her life easier.

Perry, who was in charge of maintaining all financial records and banking transactions, used six separate and distinct schemes to steal money — among them depositing cash taken as down payments for vehicles, creating fraudulent bank and deposit slips and purchasing $121,000 worth of cars for herself and her family members.

Garvey admitted she used the embezzled money for trips to Chicago, expensive meals, clothing, massages, salon visits, horse trainers and more.

McGill told Perry her case has left a mark on the community, cracking the foundation of trust between employers and employees.

“I think businesses went into panic mode when they heard what you did to Garvey. Businesses in this community look at people differently now,” he said. “The punishment I dole out, to me, is far less than the punishment that will be doled out by the community when you return to it.”

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