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June 19, 2013

Dames ply Adirondack waters


“My philosophy is that none of us are promised tomorrow, so enjoy today and do what you can to leave this world a better place. As for other interests, I enjoy reading; gardening; horseback riding; skiing; hiking; and good food, family and friends,” Deyo said.

Lacy Rezek, 64, a recently retired school psychologist who grew up in the Adirondacks, was a Peace Corps volunteer in North Africa. Each summer, she returns to the North Country from her skiing adventures in Nevada.

“Many (in the group) were friends, since my kids were in preschool at Children’s Center in E’town, and have remained so,” Rezek said of her reasons for joining the group. “Some were colleagues at Keene Central during brief employment there.

“Every time I join them, these grandma looking ‘old’ ladies turn into very gutsy mud-walking, beaver-dam-climbing, canoe- and kayak-hauling, rain-camping troopers. It’s amazing to have this experience with women not willing to sit back in their rockers and watch the world go by as they get older,” Rezek said.

As for her outlook on life, Rezek said: “In general, it only gets better so far. Health concerns can be limiting, but meeting the Dames and learning of their ambitiousness helps me focus on maintaining my health and improving my abilities so I can continue for a long time to come.

“Kayaking is a great activity for many because on a calm day, most folks can paddle a kayak and get out on the water, enjoy nature, etc. even if you don’t go far, or if you need help moving the kayak to and from the car.”

“It (kayaking with the group) has expanded my appreciation of the Adirondacks,” Rezek said. “There is so much water here, and a small canoe or kayak is perfect for getting to know this area from the vantage point of the water. It helps get me away from the crowds and closer to the birds, especially the loons.”

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