November 3, 2013

Many haven't re-registered for STAR yet


---- — ALBANY — Sixty-three percent of Clinton County taxpayers have registered for their Basic STAR exemptions.

That’s 9,707 out of 15,358, according to the State Tax Department, which continues urging those who qualify for the reduction on taxes as the Dec. 31 deadline.

In Franklin County, 5,197 taxpayers, or 60 percent, are signed up, a Tax Department press release said this week. A total 8,659 property owners qualify there.

And in Essex County, where 7,424 taxpayers are eligible, 52 percent, or 3,853, have registered.

Statewide, about half of those who can get the exemption had signed up so far, the release said.

“More than 1.3 million homeowners have used our fast and easy registration process to ensure they don’t lose their STAR exemptions,” Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Thomas H. Mattox said. “If you haven’t registered yet, we encourage you to register today.”

The program does not affect senior citizens with Enhanced STAR.

Register online at Call 457-2036 to sign up by phone.