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October 15, 2013

Jay justice vote set for Wednesday


Douglas said the other justice, Daniel Deyoe, told the town he could handle the caseload if the second position were eliminated.

“The town board had some constituents bring concerns to them regarding the availability of Judge Minogue in some of the winter months,” Douglas said in an email.

“Elected public officials create their own hours and answer directly to the public. It is illegal for a town council to direct any town justice regarding the schedule they work.”


Each justice receives a fixed annual salary of $9,499, which the town is considering raising to $12,000 for a single justice if voters OK the plan.

Douglas said they have numerous reasons why eliminating a justice would be good for the town, including: the Town of Jay previously operated with one justice at less cost with no problems; the average annual caseload can legitimately be handled by one justice; and there would be a predicted cost savings in salary and annual training expenses of at least $7,000.

“(The) Town Council scrutinizes all spending of taxpayer dollars, and in our opinion, this decision to eliminate one justice is a wise financial move,” Douglas wrote in an email.

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