November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving shopping ruffles Facebook readers


---- — PLATTSBURGH — More and more major retailers are planning to open on Thanksgiving evening this year, but it’s still a controversial decision.

We asked Press-Republican Facebook readers what they think of the idea and were bombarded with responses.

Most people were opposed to introducing evening store openings on the holiday, which is the lead-in to Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year.

Here is a sampling of what our Facebook followers thought about earlier retail openings on Thanksgiving:

Peggy Agnew: “I think family is more important than shopping. Spend time with family one day. You can shop every day.”

Buffy Mero Little: “If the stores start opening on Thanksgiving, the holiday isn’t a holiday anymore and Black Friday will cease to exist. The day should be spent with family or helping to serve a dinner to those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Jackie Pangborn: “I don’t see what the big deal is anyway; if you don’t want to shop, then just don’t go. Most retail stores are giving big incentives to their employees. I know Wal-Mart has been open on Thanksgiving for a few years now; so why all the bitching this year? I think with all the problems we have in this country, opening on Thanksgiving is not high on the priority list. I am sure that the retail stores are out to make money, but that is what keeps this country running, economically. So I will say it again, if you don’t like it, don’t go out and shop.”

Krysta Stonier: “Thanksgiving is a day for family, not shopping! If you shop in Thanksgiving you should be ashamed! Go home to your families and shop in Black Friday like everyone else!”

Cheryl Ketterer Nadrowski: “For the person who blamed store employees for retailers being open on holidays ... what is wrong with you? Seriously, do you think the employees are even considered during that decision process? Store employees have no choice and to keep that measly paying hourly job ... they work so people can shop that day and put food on their table tomorrow.”

Nikki Edwards: “Not happy. Midnight was one thing, but now sales starting at 6 p.m. Thursday? Ugh!”

Susan Hipko Everett: “Yeah, people are so focused on the sales they actually miss the whole reason for the day. TO GIVE THANKS. Holidays are suppose to be a day of celebration and rest. It is NOT a corporate marketing tool.”

Vince O’Driscoll: “Stores would not open if people did not shop. I have no respect for anyone who gives up family time to buy discounted crap from China.”

Kimberly Roberge-Reyell: “We’re losing family traditions. And we wonder why the kids of today have no morals. They are being taught money before anything else. I bet corporate people will be sitting home with their families and enjoying quality family time. Shame on u corporate America.”

Peggy Engstrom Riggs: “I think it speaks volumes that so many people are anxious to leave their families on this special day to start shopping a few hours earlier for Christmas, which is MANY days away! Were it not for them, stores wouldn’t be so quick to open! I, for one, will not be shopping then OR Black Friday.”

Terri L. Manley: “I think it is absolutely disgusting that the major retailers are that greedy and make the workers leave their families! I wouldn’t shop at anyone of them. Christmas has become so commercialized that the true meaning is lost for too many children are growing up with the wrong idea of Christmas.”

Almustafa Ford: “Money over reason, wealth over wisdom, currency over compassion. This is and always will be the way of the world. Let that sink in.”

Stacey Desrocher: “I think they have lost sight of what this day is about ... and anyone who thinks shopping for material items is more important than giving thanks for what they have ... are just as bad.”

Janette Stetson: “I shop online .... No crowds to deal with. I personally believe the stores should be closed and families should be whole on the holidays.”

Julie Genier Kramer: “What happened to traditions and family? The shopping can wait until Friday morning.”