May 21, 2012

Lookback: May 21-27


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25 YEARS AGO — 1997

▶ The Council of the Arts for Clinton County has successfully pulled off its first Imagination Celebration, which concluded this week.

▶ The construction of a new waste-disposal system that was originally supposed to be a joint project between Franklin, Clinton and St. Lawrence counties has been left solely to Franklin County.

▶ Plattsburgh Air Force Base is holding Spouses Day this week, honoring the role of the military spouse. Activities will include a breakfast, a display of FB-111s, KC-135s, helicopters, fire trucks, Peacekeeper vehicles, a fly-by and a tour of the commissary. The day will end with a formal retreat ceremony for the spouses.

50 YEARS AGO — 1962

▶ The Clinton County Highway Department has received permission to spend $362,915 on road projects this year. Of the 14 towns in the county, only two—Mooers and Ellenburg—aren't having any construction done.

▶ The State Conservation Department has taken to removing scrub fish from Chazy Lake, and has already removed 5,000 pounds of the fish, which have been given to area residents.

▶ Organizers of the Lake Placid's 8th annual Jaycee Canoe Race are a little concerned over this weekends predicted heavy rains, though the race has been run under such conditions before in 1956.

75 YEARS AGO — 1937

▶ Thomas Shannon, a shoe salesman originally from Glens Falls, reported the theft of his car — containing $1,000 in shoes — to the Plattsburgh police at 7:30 in the evening, his car was spotted and returned by Sergeant L. L. LeVasseur and Corporal B. B. Watkins that night. The driver was Harold Russell, 17, of the Twenty-sixth Infantry at Plattsburgh Barracks, who allegedly stole the car to visit his family in Malone.

▶ Dr. F. F. Williams, Canton town health officer of 50 years, comments on the contrast of his job today compared to in 1888—when he had 20 cases of typhoid come through his door daily. "These diseases have been practically eliminated by now," he said, giving credit to the State Health Department.

▶ Plattsburgh motion picture theatres are now being permitted to exhibit Sunday matinees starting at 2 p.m.

▶ Nonstop heavy rains have taken a toll on the planting season for local farmers, the lack of sunshine has virtually guaranteed a late growing season.

100 YEARS AGO—1911

▶ The largest man in the country passed through Malone on his way to Montreal, weighing 750 pounds at 5 feet 11 inches tall with a waist measurement of 110 inches. He will appear in a museum exhibit in Montreal next week.

▶ A severe storm struck the Plattsburgh area, layering young gardens and blooming foliage with two inches of snow.

▶ This year's semi-annual meeting of the Clinton County Medical Society was the most successful meeting held in the history of the group.

▶ James Farley will be auctioning off his string of valuable race horses this week. The collection of horses is expected to attract horsemen from all over the continent.

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Kaitlyn Wait