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May 23, 2013

Wife testifies in manslaughter case



LaCroix, who also dated Taylor, testified on Wednesday that she had arranged for Rennie to visit her on the night of Aug. 25, 2012, at the apartment she was sharing with Taylor.

“I told Robert I would talk to Paul and make sure we could get along,” the 25-year-old mother of three small children told the court. 

“They seemed kind of friendly, but Paul (Taylor) seemed kind of irritated. A while after, Paul ended up leaving.”

LaCroix said Rennie left shortly after that.

As he was walking home, earlier testimony said, he encountered Denno and Rivers on Front Street.


LaCroix testified that she worked with Rivers and Taylor at an apple packaging plant and that Angela Rivers, wife of Michael Rivers, babysat her children.

At work, LaCroix said, she had talked with Mr. Rivers about some bruises on her neck, telling him they were the result of a fight she’d had with Rennie.

LaCroix said Mr. Rivers told her in that conversation that “he was going to teach Robert Rennie a lesson.”

Then, LaCroix said in court, “I went back and told Robert about it, and Robert threatened to burn down Michael’s trailer.”

LaCroix said she then told Mr. Rivers about Rennie’s return comment.

The defense attorney asked LaCroix if Rennie was at her apartment on a regular basis.

“Yes,” she answered, suggesting he was there “daily.”

Taylor had moved in with her in the second week of August 2012.


In court Wednesday, Mrs. Rivers took the stand to testify about seeing her husband, Taylor and Denno assault Rennie.

Mr. Rivers’s attorney invoked spousal privilege protection, which Judge Richard Meyer ruled would apply only to comments made between the couple in private and without others present.

Mrs. Rivers told much the same story as she had during testimony in Denno’s trial, describing how she placed a phone call to 911 to report Rennie was with LaCroix in violation of a protection order.

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