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July 22, 2012

Farm briefs: July 22, 2012

Master food-preservation training offered

PLATTSBURGH — Instruction on the preservation of food is being offered through Cornell Cooperative Extension Aug. 21-24 from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Participants can learn and receive hands-on experience in boiling water and pressure canning, gelled products, pickling, freezing and drying, and join a discussion of other methods of preservation. Certificates of participation are distributed to those who complete the course, the first step toward becoming a CCE Master Food Preserver.

This is a train-the-trainer program. Successful participants can offer workshops in their communities. Space is limited and participants must register before hand. The workshop cost is $300 per participant. The registration deadline is Aug. 13.

For more information, contact Karen Armstrong at 483-7403.


Controls available for potato leafhopper

PLATTSBURGH — A relatively new Organic Materials Review Institute-approved product labeled for the control of potato leafhoppers, the fungus Beauveria bassiana, is now available for farmers.

The potato leafhopper has been a significant pest in the North Country recently, attacking potato plants as well as green legumes such as alfalfa. Available commercially as Mycotrol-O, this product presents another option for rotating with other pesticides such as Pyganic to prevent resistance. It is recommended to mix Mycotrol-O with an insect growth regulator, such as Molt-X, and an adjuvant (spreader/sticker) such as Silwet Eco. Mycotrol should not be used when honeybees are actively foraging.

Mycotrol-O is most effective when used early in the leafhopper’s life cycle and before heavy infestation. Good plant coverage is essential, so using the adjuvant is very important, as is using the appropriate sprayer that will put the product on the underside of leaves. A great resource for choosing, using, calibrating, calculating product rates, and modifying backpack sprayers is


Urban crow management seminar offered

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