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January 11, 2014

Northern Adirondack Central School Honor Roll

Here’s the first-quarter honor roll for Northern Adirondack Central School:

Grade 6 High Honors: Grace Bailey, Jacob Benware, Allison Bodah, Delaney Boulrice, Parker Brassard, Anna Brown, Parker Burl, Ronald Chase, III, Ryan DeCoste, Thomas Dezan, Shane Dominy, Nicholas Filion, Brynne Gilmore, Dolan Gilmore, Tyler Gooley, David Griffin, Delbert Hart, Braelyn Hill, Molly King, Kira LaBarge, Brody LaBarre, Bailey Lafountain, Brianna Manor, Michael McCullough, Kaylee McKinney, Melissa Mercay, Elizabeth Nichols, Madison Peryea, Alexis Pitts, Keshia Poupore, Carley Premo, Kevin Roberts, Samantha Shaw, Olivia Sorrell, Cody Woodard.

Grade 6 Honors: Dustin Barclay, Lizzie Brunet, Shyanna Bushey, Cooper Danforth, Lacey Demers, Shawn Dominy, Emily Fleury, Kayden Guerin, Abigail King, Damian King, Austin LaFave, Daegan Manor, Destiny Meseck, Amber Moore, Dylan Paiser, Hunter Robare, Lucas Smart, Cory Spoor, Corinn Therrian, Freanna Trombley, Tyler Trombley, Sage VanEtten.

Grade 7 High Honors: Devin Brunell, Madison Brunell, Monica-Lynn Charland, Taylor Decker, Mackenzie Downer, Rachel Eagar, Jace Filion, Tyler Hewson, Haley-Ann Hill, Hannah Jock, Brittany LaBarge, Reed Lashway, Salvatore Logiudice, Zachary Miller, Madison Mitchell, Angela Mull, Matthew Nephew, Cody Peryea, Emily Peryea, Samantha Reif, Dylan Reyell, Reanon Ritchie, Robert Schoonmaker, Grace Thume, Ashton Wright.

Grade 7 Honors: Maria Almodovar, Mallory Begore, Kiara Colgan, Terri Courtney, Nathan Glennon, Chela Hill, Brett Juntunen, Alexis Kerr, Bailey LaBarge, Reese Luebbers, Cameron Matthews, Brady O’Connor, Tyler Perry, Tyler Premo, Payten Relation, Sierra Reynolds, Alexis Seymour, Chloe Smith, Briana Weikle.

Grade 8 High Honors: Gregory Boulrice, Katee Brothers, Katy Brown, Kendall Bush, Jessica Collins, Shayna Filion, Joshua Forcier, Katelin Guerin, Cassey LaBarge, Casey Mahony, Olivia Paiser, Lydia Pivetta, Mara Ryan, Justin Spoor, Ethan Warick.

Grade 8 Honors: Jacob Allen, Connor Coty, Alexander Dezan, Kristina Fleury, Bethany Gilbert, Christian Gonya, Kaylee Kent, Brittany Lafountain, Brittney LaValley, Skyllar Rabatoy, Kylea Ritchie.

Grade 9 High Honors: Samuel Beach, Danya Burl, Bailey Cross, Blake Forkey, Branden Guerin, Abigail Gustafson, John Harriman, Noah Lambert, Chloe Lobdell, Makenna Magee, Anthony Martinez, Melinda Meseck, Rebecca Nephew, Alexander Pecore, Stephen Peryea, Jazlyne Pratt, Kallysta Rabatoy, Colton Smith, Austin Trombley, Adam Venne.

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