January 6, 2014

Essex County workers get 1 percent more


---- — ELIZABETHTOWN — Management-confidential employees in Essex County will get 1 percent pay hikes in 2014.

The County Board of Supervisors recently approved the salaries of management-confidential employees with 1 percent increases.

This is the first year that salaries at Horace Nye Nursing Home are not included in the list. A private operator is taking over the Nursing Home from the county at the end of January.

Supervisor Thomas Scozzafava (R-Moriah) said there should be a salary study to see what other counties pay for comparable jobs. He said his constituents are upset at paying for a tax increase of 13.3 percent that came with hefty raises for county workers.

“They (taxpayers) certainly have a right to be upset,” Scozzafava said. “I’m not saying they’re (county workers) underpaid, overpaid, but there has to be some justification for what we pay.”


The new management-confidential salaries for 2014 will be:

▶ County manager certified public accountant/purchasing agent, $75,100.

▶ County manager senior purchasing clerk, $20.52 per hour.

▶ Deputy county auditor, $40,167.

▶ Information Systems deputy director, $33.30 per hour.

▶ District attorney’s secretary, $22.65 per hour.

▶ Assistant district attorneys (four), $83,332; $52,823; $69,690; $58,183.

▶ Deputy clerk of the Board of Supervisors, $45,400 ($5,000 increase).

▶ Deputy county treasurer (two), $43,268; $49,449.

▶ Real Property Tax Services assistant director, $29.20 per hour.

▶ Deputy county clerk (three), $26.96 per hour.

▶ Department of Motor Vehicles supervisor (two), $20.52 per hour.

▶ Assistant county attorney, $75,505.

▶ Assistant county attorney for Family Court, $37,753.

▶ Assistant county attorney for Social Services, $37,753.

▶ County attorney secretary/paralegal, $22.65 per hour.

▶ Assistant public defender (two), $59,751; $53,570.

▶ Public defender confidential secretary, $22.65 per hour.

▶ Public defender investigator (two), $20.60 per hour, $22.32 per hour.

▶ Deputy personnel officer, $22.65 per hour.

▶ Deputy election commissioner (two), $16.56 per hour.

▶ Election clerk/technician (two), $14.64 per hour.

▶ Public Works deputy superintendent, $56,661.

▶ Public Works assistant civil engineer (two), $53,927; $51,510.

▶ County Jail/Public Safety Building coordinator, $26.96 per hour.

▶ County safety officer, $24.31 per hour.

▶ County printing operator, $22.26 per hour.

▶ County undersheriff, $29.48 per hour.

▶ County chief deputy sheriff, $27.50 per hour.

▶ County sheriff confidential secretary, $20.52 per hour.

▶ County Jail administrator, $27.57 per hour.

▶ County Jail assistant administrator, $25.56 per hour.

▶ County probation director, $64,640.

▶ County Emergency Services director, $76,178.

▶ Deputy Emergency Services director, $59,069.

▶ County Public Health supervising nurse (two), $34.02 per hour; $27.82 per hour.

▶ County Public Health director patient services, $35.97 per hour.

▶ County Public Health children’s services coordinator, $24.06 per hour.

▶ County Public Health director preventive services, $33.70 per hour.

▶ County Public Health program coordinator, $29.23 per hour.

▶ Community Mental Health Services director, $83,446.

▶ Community Mental Health Services assistant director, $38.23 per hour.

▶ Mental Health fiscal services administrator, $29.18 per hour

▶ Mental Health staff psychiatrist, $102.40 per hour.

▶ Mental Health medical director, $102.27 per hour.

▶ Mental Health supervising psychiatric social worker (two), $33.71 per hour.

▶ County Social Services director, $29.20 per hour.

▶ County Social Services confidential secretary, $20.52 per hour.

▶ County Social Services head welfare examiner, $26.10 per hour.

▶ County Social Services staff development director, $24.77 per hour.

▶ County Social Services confidential secretary to commissioner, $20.52 per hour.

▶ County Weights and Measures director, $46,218 (plus $16,150 for Occupancy Tax enforcement).

▶ County Office for the Aging director, $55,957.

▶ Community Resources director/deputy county manager, $64,751 (up $5,000).

▶ County Community Resources deputy planner, $24.78 per hour.

▶ County transportation coordinator, $26.96 per hour.

▶ County Fish Hatchery director, $65,933.


Two county salaries are set by the state and receive partial state reimbursement:

▶ County judge, $174,000 (salary as acting State Supreme Court justice).

▶ District attorney, $152,500.

By state law, district attorneys receive the same salary as the county judge.

Essex County District Attorney Kristy Sprague said she won’t get an increase to what Judge Richard Meyer makes, however, because he is also an acting State Supreme Court justice and is paid at that higher level.

“I am linked (by salary) to County Court judge, not Supreme Court,” Sprague said by email. “We are on different pay levels. Compared to my colleagues, I am paid less. The state reimbursed the county $66,089 last year for my salary.”

The DA and judge salaries are on the state fiscal year, and those increases don’t take effect until April 1.

These management-confidential salaries are set by board resolution. On Dec. 24, the Press-Republican ran a list of salaries for some Essex County department heads and officials that are set by local law.

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