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January 6, 2014

Essex County workers get 1 percent more

ELIZABETHTOWN — Management-confidential employees in Essex County will get 1 percent pay hikes in 2014.

The County Board of Supervisors recently approved the salaries of management-confidential employees with 1 percent increases.

This is the first year that salaries at Horace Nye Nursing Home are not included in the list. A private operator is taking over the Nursing Home from the county at the end of January.

Supervisor Thomas Scozzafava (R-Moriah) said there should be a salary study to see what other counties pay for comparable jobs. He said his constituents are upset at paying for a tax increase of 13.3 percent that came with hefty raises for county workers.

“They (taxpayers) certainly have a right to be upset,” Scozzafava said. “I’m not saying they’re (county workers) underpaid, overpaid, but there has to be some justification for what we pay.”


The new management-confidential salaries for 2014 will be:

▶ County manager certified public accountant/purchasing agent, $75,100.

▶ County manager senior purchasing clerk, $20.52 per hour.

▶ Deputy county auditor, $40,167.

▶ Information Systems deputy director, $33.30 per hour.

▶ District attorney’s secretary, $22.65 per hour.

▶ Assistant district attorneys (four), $83,332; $52,823; $69,690; $58,183.

▶ Deputy clerk of the Board of Supervisors, $45,400 ($5,000 increase).

▶ Deputy county treasurer (two), $43,268; $49,449.

▶ Real Property Tax Services assistant director, $29.20 per hour.

▶ Deputy county clerk (three), $26.96 per hour.

▶ Department of Motor Vehicles supervisor (two), $20.52 per hour.

▶ Assistant county attorney, $75,505.

▶ Assistant county attorney for Family Court, $37,753.

▶ Assistant county attorney for Social Services, $37,753.

▶ County attorney secretary/paralegal, $22.65 per hour.

▶ Assistant public defender (two), $59,751; $53,570.

▶ Public defender confidential secretary, $22.65 per hour.

▶ Public defender investigator (two), $20.60 per hour, $22.32 per hour.

▶ Deputy personnel officer, $22.65 per hour.

▶ Deputy election commissioner (two), $16.56 per hour.

▶ Election clerk/technician (two), $14.64 per hour.

▶ Public Works deputy superintendent, $56,661.

▶ Public Works assistant civil engineer (two), $53,927; $51,510.

▶ County Jail/Public Safety Building coordinator, $26.96 per hour.

▶ County safety officer, $24.31 per hour.

▶ County printing operator, $22.26 per hour.

▶ County undersheriff, $29.48 per hour.

▶ County chief deputy sheriff, $27.50 per hour.

▶ County sheriff confidential secretary, $20.52 per hour.

▶ County Jail administrator, $27.57 per hour.

▶ County Jail assistant administrator, $25.56 per hour.

▶ County probation director, $64,640.

▶ County Emergency Services director, $76,178.

▶ Deputy Emergency Services director, $59,069.

▶ County Public Health supervising nurse (two), $34.02 per hour; $27.82 per hour.

▶ County Public Health director patient services, $35.97 per hour.

▶ County Public Health children’s services coordinator, $24.06 per hour.

▶ County Public Health director preventive services, $33.70 per hour.

▶ County Public Health program coordinator, $29.23 per hour.

▶ Community Mental Health Services director, $83,446.

▶ Community Mental Health Services assistant director, $38.23 per hour.

▶ Mental Health fiscal services administrator, $29.18 per hour

▶ Mental Health staff psychiatrist, $102.40 per hour.

▶ Mental Health medical director, $102.27 per hour.

▶ Mental Health supervising psychiatric social worker (two), $33.71 per hour.

▶ County Social Services director, $29.20 per hour.

▶ County Social Services confidential secretary, $20.52 per hour.

▶ County Social Services head welfare examiner, $26.10 per hour.

▶ County Social Services staff development director, $24.77 per hour.

▶ County Social Services confidential secretary to commissioner, $20.52 per hour.

▶ County Weights and Measures director, $46,218 (plus $16,150 for Occupancy Tax enforcement).

▶ County Office for the Aging director, $55,957.

▶ Community Resources director/deputy county manager, $64,751 (up $5,000).

▶ County Community Resources deputy planner, $24.78 per hour.

▶ County transportation coordinator, $26.96 per hour.

▶ County Fish Hatchery director, $65,933.


Two county salaries are set by the state and receive partial state reimbursement:

▶ County judge, $174,000 (salary as acting State Supreme Court justice).

▶ District attorney, $152,500.

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