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February 1, 2014

Prosecution, defense rest in Donah trial


Shumway went to Donah’s apartment with Daniel Yando, her brother. He has also testified in the case.

She said she asked Donah whether he had assaulted his girlfriend and that he answered, “I didn’t do that. We had an argument. Things got out of hand.”


Shumway said that when she pressed him as to why he had lost his temper, he told her, “She reminds me of my mother.”

Although Donah said the woman didn’t look like his mother, he said that she had said something that his mother had said to him in the past, Shumway testified.

“He became very emotional. It was difficult to watch.”

Donah told his aunt that his ex had told him to “(expletive) off” in the April 2012 incident, Shumway said.

Shumway said he told her, “‘When I was a child, she spoke to me that way,” referring to his mother.

“He said he used to pray every night for someone to rescue him.”

Then, Shumway said, Donah told her that he had chased his girlfriend into the bedroom and choked her.

Shumway said she told her nephew he needed to see a doctor and get psychiatric help, which he agreed to do.


Also testifying for the prosecution on Friday morning was Dr. Eileen Tracy, an expert on domestic violence, sexual assault and rape.

Tracy said that some victims may return to their abuser two to three times before ending a relationship, while others may never leave their partner or report the abuse they suffer.

“It is less common for a victim to make a full disclosure ... the first time they report it,” she said.

She also said it is difficult for a victim to report abuse if the perpetrator is in a position of power, offering the analogy of the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal.

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