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December 24, 2013

Essex County gives New Year's raises

ELIZABETHTOWN — Some Essex County workers are getting higher raises than the 1 percent that most elected officials, department heads and management-confidential employees will receive in 2014.

And members of the County Board of Supervisors will get their first raises since 2008.

Five county employees are getting higher raises to take into account increased duties, County Manager Daniel Palmer said.

The raises were requested when department budgets were submitted. Those special raises are:

▶ Deputy county manager, $64,751, up $5,000.

▶ Purchasing senior buyer, $33,745, up $4,000.

▶ Information technology coordinator, $60,906, up $6,996.

▶ Personnel technician, $37,370, up $3,731.

▶ Community development coordinator, $39,158, up $1,632.

An extra $10,000 was allocated to the Office of the Clerk of the Board, to be split between the clerk and deputy clerk, because of extra work created when a third position there was unfilled.

A public hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 30, in the Old County Courthouse on the raises that are set by local law.

Salaries of elected officials and top department heads that are set by local law are:

▶ County manager, $99,601 (plus $19,710 as information systems director).

▶ Social Services commissioner, $87,458.

▶ Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, $58,500 (up $5,000).

▶ Election commissioners (2), $18,141.

▶ County coroners (4), $4,023.

▶ County attorney, $131,551.

▶ County auditor, $58,367.

▶ County clerk, $67,814.

▶ County sheriff, $81,980.

▶ County treasurer, $67,297.

▶ County personnel officer, $61,402.

▶ Public defender, $94,778.

▶ Public Health director, $80,355.

▶ Real Property Tax Services director, $63,437.

▶ Public Works superintendent, $88,235.

Board of Supervisors (16), $17,508 each.

Chair, Board of Supervisors, $22,508.

Budget liaison officer, Board of Supervisors, $19,508.

Each supervisor also receives a salary from the town he or she serves.

Two county salaries are set by the state for 2014:

▶ County judge, $174,000.

▶ District attorney, $174,000.

The County Board of Supervisors also created three positions:

▶ Mobility coordinator (part-time), $26,272.

▶ Supervising bus driver, $36,999.

▶ County assessor, $42,331.

Unionized workers at the county are also getting 1 percent raises in 2014.

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