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November 4, 2012

114th Assembly race: Stec vs. Tarantino

With no incumbent, new district seat for the taking


“The arbitrarily drawn Blue Line added yet another obstacle to job creation and economic prosperity for our residents. There is a compromise that must be achieved between the worthy conservation of the important environmental and aesthetic beauty of the Adirondacks and policies that respect private-property rights and the importance of maintaining a regional, private-sector-based economy in the park. The state does not have the financial resources to continue to purchase more private lands in the park.

“Second, lower the cost of doing business in New York and the cost to live here. This must be done by controlling spending at all levels of government. A significant portion of property taxes collected locally are the result of state policies and mandates that require spending by the local governments. In other words, for some counties in the state, if the state-mandated programs were paid for by the state government that ordered them, there would be no county property tax.

“Third, we must improve and add to our infrastructure to attract and grow business. As we all know, our road infrastructure at all government levels has been underfunded and is in desperate need of attention. This must be a priority.

“A relatively new but now critical infrastructure need — particularly in our underserved rural areas — is cellular-phone service and broadband Internet access. Not only are our businesses at a critical disadvantage with inadequate access to these communications systems, but they are part of our everyday home lives and important public-safety resources. We must make the investment in our communities to provide these services.”

Tarantino: “The biggest issue in this election is creating jobs and maintaining jobs in the district. I believe that a strong economy starts with raising the minimum wage, which will boost the local economy by creating more disposable income.”

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