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March 3, 2014

Planning could save lives in event of shooting

Readiness, attitude critical for crime victims, trooper says


It’s possible the shooter won’t have a well-formulated plan, Niles said.

But the public can, and the chances of survival increase significantly if it does, he said.

They triple.

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Depending on what's happening, one or a combination of three options can be used by those in danger, says State Police Sgt. Chad Niles.

1. Run -- evacuate if possible, call 911 and keep others from entering the unsafe area.

2. Hide -- acting quickly and quietly, lock the door of the room you're in, or if you're in an open area, hide behind a large object. Be prepared to remain in your hiding place until authorities notify you that it is safe to leave the area.

3. Fight -- this is a last resort. Don't try to reason with the shooter. Use a makeshift weapon like a fire extinguisher or a chair to try to incapacitate the perpetrator long enough to make escape possible.

When police arrive, stay where you are, make sure both your hands are visible so you are not perceived as a threat and follow directions given by law enforcement officials.


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