March 2, 2014

City of Plattsburgh approves study reviewing bike lanes


---- — PLATTSBURGH — City of Plattsburgh councilors agreed to undertake a formal study of a section of Margaret Street in anticipation of adding bicycle lanes.

The study will concentrate on a 3/4-mile stretch from the Georgia-Pacific plant to Scomotion Creek, an area commonly referred to as North Margaret Street.

Local residents and business owners of the area formed a group called Plattsburgh Acquiring Safe Streets (PASS) and put together a comprehensive packet of information last year describing the dangers bikers and pedestrians face traveling along that corridor.

They are advocating for bike lanes within the road. They believe that bike lanes would not only give bikers a safer route to travel but would allow pedestrians to use the sidewalks without worrying about being hit by a bicycle.

The bike lanes would also cause motorists to naturally slow down in the area, the group says.


The formal study will be done this spring by Stantec Consulting Services of Burlington at a cost of $11,000. 

Georgia-Pacific has donated $5,000 to the cost of the study.

Councilor Becky Kasper (D-Ward 5) who represents the area, said the idea has merits.

“I want to thank PASS, who worked so tirelessly to be good citizens and worked hard to identify the problem and offer a solution,” she said at Thursday night’s meeting.

“That is the kind of thing that makes our job so enjoyable and easier.”

Councilor Rachelle Armstrong (D-Ward 1) also said the citizen group did a great job.

“They are a great model for community involvement,” she said.

Mayor James Calnon told the Press-Republican that unless the study shows a compelling reason not to institute bike lanes, the city will probably try it.

“That seems to be the mood of the council, and I think we can make something work there,” he said.

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