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February 27, 2014

Bisso to run again for Assembly



Duprey said that she has been very vocal about improving Common Core, but eliminating it is not practical.

"I have spoken to many superintendents and teachers who feel that there are parts of Common Core that are good, but there need to be some improvements, and that is what we need to do," she said.

Duprey said the state would have to pay back significant amounts of federal funding that was attached to the Common Core program if it were repealed.

"Where is that money going to come from? It will come from education," she said.

"Very few people actually feel that it needs to be repealed, but just about everybody agrees that it needs to be fixed."


Bisso also is strongly against the SAFE ACT, stringent gun regulatory laws approved last year by the state.

"Within the last year, this state has continued to demonstrate its over-reaching arm into the lives of honest, hardworking, taxpaying New Yorkers by passing in the middle of the night and without transparency, the SAFE ACT," she wrote.

"Over the last year, I have been honored to participate in and be a guest speaker at over a dozen rallies statewide protesting the SAFE ACT, a law which makes law-abiding citizens criminals and continues to portray New York as unfriendly."

Duprey voted against the SAFE ACT, but she knows that it is very unlikely to be repealed.

"There are 65 members of the Assembly from New York City, and many of them feel that is the best legislation they ever voted on, and the governor would never sign a repeal," she said.

"That is the reality of it, but there are parts of it that do not make sense, and we should spend our energy trying to fix it."

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