February 18, 2014

CCRS Winter Weekend kicks off

By MATT HONORATO, Contributing Writer

---- — CHAZY — A motivated senior class is aiming toward a championship repeat at this year’s Chazy Winter Weekend festivities.

There’s a lot of excitement among students, Chazy Central Rural School Student Council President Ashley Gilmore said, but nobody is as ready for the competition as the seniors. 

They have been around and participating in the competitions the longest and also have last year’s championship — as juniors — to show.

“We will definitely bring it back this year,” said Gilmore, a senior. 


Winter Weekend has been sponsored by the Chazy Lions Club for decades, with contests that pit grades seven through 12 against each other. Points are allocated for each competitive event and overall class spirit.

Even though school is not in session because of winter break, the turnout for the events is usually really good, Winter Weekend Committee Chairman Jim Lucas said.

Winter Weekend is also a way to help the students have fun at school. 

“It is mainly an event for the students,” he said.


This year’s Winter Weekend will feature a new competition: dodgeball. 

Some traditional and very popular activities are still on the schedule, including the snow-sculpture contest, with the theme Sochi Olympics, and a volleyball tournament.

Thursday’s Talent Night is one of the most anticipated events among students and also a big one for the classes looking to take home the top spot.

Last year’s Talent Night proved to be a turning point for her class, Gilmore said.

Prior to that night, her class had made a stream of bad decisions, she said. Arguments were breaking out as their turn to perform approached. 

But, miraculously, they came up with something good at the last minute and managed to win the competition, she said.


Winter Weekend is also a way to encourage students to create and improve class bonds. 

The students spend four days working together toward the objective of winning the competition.

“It definitely brings us all together in the end,” Gilmore said.

Winter Weekend’s official start date is Wednesday. 

However, students began work on their snow sculptures over the weekend. And the atmosphere in the school begins to change the week before the festivities begin, Gilmore said.

That’s when the classes celebrate Spirit Week and get into the mood for the upcoming contests.

“It is kind of crazy,” she said. 


Winter Weekend Schedule


3 to 5 p.m., Open Skate at the Scotts' Rink. Thursday:

6:30 p.m., Talent Night, CCRS auditorium.


5:30 p.m., volleyball and dodgeball tournaments in the school gym.


Noon, snow sculpture deadline, indoor games in the gym;

7 to 11 p.m., semiformal dance, with class rankings and king and queen crowned shortly after 10:30 p.m.