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May 17, 2013

Five seek City School Board seats


“I think (it) is unfortunate that the consortium has not come up with other options for districts in this area,” Goerlitz said. “There are other parts of the state that have been much more creative in the way they offer insurance programs and services to districts. We need to work with the consortium and explore this.”

“That being said, we also need to deal with the issue at hand. This can be done best my working cooperatively with the unions.”


Marino also hopes to establish a more open dialogue with meeting attendees.

“This can be accomplished simply by communication — thanking someone for their input, or, if an idea for improvement is extended, being willing to listen and, perhaps, meet with the individual to explore the suggestion,” he said.

“Currently, the board has authorized the whole of the reserve fund to be used to balance the upcoming budget for 2013-2014 without having a plan in place to replenishment ... Effective planning would be not just to compare budget to budget, but, actual income/expenses incurred and using that as a basis for budget projections.

“Effective planning could be to look at all the programs, as well as their sustainability and impact on the students, with an open mind.

“We need to plan for the future and not let the future plan for us.”

Marino said he would use his experience in banking to help the district with cost-saving ideas and would like to examine setting term limits for board members and build a board that better represents the community as a whole.

“Hopefully, we can attract a greater participation of the community to be involved and a rotation of many different thought processes for the betterment of the school district.

“Currently, there is a vast majority of the board who either are teachers in another district, have spouses/children working for our School District and/or retired from this district or retired from another district,” Marino said. “It would seem to the naked eye, this board is rife with conflict.”

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