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May 4, 2013

Witness describes brutal beating in Keeseville


After having dated her for two days, Taylor was living with LaCroix as a “roommate,” according to LaCroix’s testimony earlier this week.


After a few minutes, the Riverses and Denno walked up to the house and stood under an open second-floor kitchen window to listen.

Then Denno texted Taylor.

“Scott texted him he had gotten jumped and needed his help,” Mrs. Rivers said.

Taylor came out of the house about five minutes later.

At that point, Mrs. Rivers told the court, she called police to report Rennie was with LaCroix.

“We went to a parking lot across from the phone company,” Mrs. Rivers said.

“I had called the police on our way to the parking lot because there was an Order of Protection for Samantha to (Rennie). I did it as an anonymous caller.

“The dispatcher told me they would send a trooper. We waited another five to 10 minutes for the police to come, and they never showed up.”


They moved the car and watched, waiting for the police to arrive, she said.

When Mrs. Rivers got in the driver’s seat to take Taylor to buy cigarettes, Mr. Rivers and Denno got out of the vehicle.

That was at about 11:45 p.m. Aug. 25, she said.

She and her husband had not been drinking, Mrs. Rivers testified.

And Denno, she said, wasn’t drinking either.


Upon returning to a parking lot near LaCroix’s house, Mrs. Rivers said Taylor exited the vehicle to relieve himself.

That was when she saw her husband and Denno dragging Rennie. And then Taylor struck him down.

Mrs. Rivers described fierce blows from Taylor, testifying that he stepped back and got a running start, jumping up before delivering each kick.

She said it was “like a punter from a football team running up to kick a ball.”

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